More than 40 centres worldwide offer the procedure

however, including other centres in the United States and Europe, four centres in London and centres in the eastern Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, and Australia.More than two thirds of PGD has occurred to screen out embryos with chromosomal abnormalities in older IVF patients and in patients with a history of miscarriage. About 1000 cycles have involved single gene mutational analysis.1 Mutational analysis requires additional skills beyond karyotyping for aneuploidies, including the ability to conduct the mutliplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of the gene of interest and related markers.Several new indications for PGD single gene mutational analysis have recently been reported. New uses include PGD to detect mutations for susceptibility to cancer and for late onset disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.2,3 In addition, parents with children needing hematopoietic stem cell transplants have used PGD to ensure that their next child is free of disease and a good tissue match for an existing child.4 Some persons are also requesting PGD for gender selection for both first and later born children, and others have speculated that selection of embryos for a variety of non medical traits is likely in the future.PGD is ethically controversial because it involves the screening and likely destruction of embryos, and the selection of offspring on the basis of expected traits.

Any hopes that the arts training college might continue with its highly specialised courses and its ratio of 7:4 students to one teacher have been scuttled as details of the VCA’s merger into the university’s »Melbourne Model» became clearer this year. Earlier this month, The Age revealed that a confidential plan recommended a big reduction in staff and the student teacher ratio changed to 12:1. Six specialist schools were merged into three and a puppetry and musical theatre course was suspended..

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